WI Voices

Heidi Herron

WI Voices are recorded, verbatim interviews that are translated into the written word. These stories are a living library of voices and primary documents which will bear witness to the times that we live in. 

My husband, sons and I live in Northwestern Wisconsin. I was one of the hundreds of volunteers who participated in the recall efforts against GOP senators for their support of Gov. Scott Walker. WI Voices was born as part of that movement.

I am not a member of any political party or organization. I’m a self-employed tutor/stay-at-home mom and a grassroots mover. I’m a story teller, not a trained journalist. My loyalty is with whomever is telling the story – wherever that road leads me. Sometimes the story causes me to rethink my own views…that is a good thing.

Wisconsinites are being affected in deep and significant ways through the changing political and economic policies of our state and nation. Many of these stories will never see the light of day… lost in the shuffle of political bantering.

I feel compelled to change that. Thank-you for listening to their voices.


Celeste Koeberl

Celeste has provided invaluable help by lending her expertise as a fact finder for WI Voices. She researches claims made by interviewees on this site. Celeste lives in Hudson, Wisconsin, provides mediation services in western Wisconsin and Minnesota’s east metro area, and is a Minnesota licensed attorney.

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6 Responses to WI Voices

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. Chris Wondra says:

    There you are!! Great job Heidi. You are doing very important work. Best of luck on this new blogging adventure.

  3. Scott says:

    I loved this story. Extremely genuine. And I loved your narration. This man’s story is so important in breaking down the myth that these radical cuts will only affect people who are taking advantage of the system. He deserves a system that will work for him as hard as he worked for it. Thank you for sharing this story.

  4. Chris Wondra says:

    Heh . . . yeah. About that h.s. thing–we’re going to have to talk sometime. That still blows my mind.

  5. matt1t says:

    Spectacular work. Thank you.

  6. I have lived in Wausau for 12 years now after relocating from CA. My interest in politics is much newer than that but I’m here and here to stay. I am neither a Democrat nor Republican since I have found fault with both parties. As of a few months ago I now consider myself a conservative Libertarian. Cutbacks and budgets are never easy. I can equate it to dad and mom making a new budget and having to tell the kids that their allowance has to be cut for a while. I emphasized with the teachers because they were the first group hit with the difficult task of balancing the budget. Where would you cut back knowing that we don’t have the money to keep spending? Should the tax payers be the only ones that suffer while big government keeps spending astronomical amounts of money dropping bombs on the Middle East? Compromise isn’t that difficult and I’m willing to admit that I might have been wrong in statements that I made concerning the teachers sucking it up. Since we all want the same thing then why can’t we talk like civil adults and make the changes necessary? Working together across any party lines should be easy when people know that our battle is against someone else and not each other.

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