WI Right To Life Voter Suppression in District 10 (AGAIN)

John Kelly, resident of Stillwater, MN, has received two calls from the WRTL organization giving him incorrect information. Election Day in Wisconsin for six recall elections is Tuesday, Aug 9. Absentee ballots need to be turned into your local voting place by Aug. 9.

However, On Monday Aug. 1, a robocall from WI Right to Life informed John Kelly to “return your absentee ballot to us by August 11” for the WI recall elections. Then yesterday, Aug 4, he received another robocall urging him to “vote on Aug 11th.”

Most of us remember the suppression tactics that WRTL utilized during our primary. They shrugged it off as “bad timing,” and not intentional. However, the Koch Brother group Americans for Prosperity, and now WRTL is, once again, is giving false information and dates and tampering with our election process.

John Kelly is furious not only about the misinformation, but also is wondering how this group got his number in the first place? He is a lifelong Democrat, it is not even legal for him to vote in the Wisconsin election (he’s a MN resident), and he has no history of ever voting absentee.  John speculates that the group may have gotten his information from donation records.  He said that he has donated to the Shelly Moore campaign, the WI Democratic Party, and WI public radio all within the last few months. He is guessing that WRTL has gained access to those records and is targeting Democratic voters. He has not lived in WI since 1986 and has never had any contact with WI Right to Life.

Please record this robocall if you receive it. John claims that the phone number did not come up on his caller I.D. It simply listed “insufficient data.” Please record this – and report to the authorities immediately.

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9 Responses to WI Right To Life Voter Suppression in District 10 (AGAIN)

  1. Justin B. says:

    What is happening to our democracy?

    We’ve spent trillions on getting democracy to work in Iraq and Afganistan and we just lifted the debt ceiling to pay interest on the money we borrowed to make that happen.

    Now we have forces in the US attempting to tamper with our elections, from running false candidates to purposely telling the electorate to vote on the wrong day. Why is it so easy for these people to excercise this deception but teh everyday citizen in a rural area has to visit a government beauracracy miles from his home to pay for a government agency issued photograph id card to simply excercise his right to go to the polls?

    Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Washington would all be ashamed of the people who are playing these game. Disgusting!

  2. former dem says:

    why is John Kelly meddling in Wisconsin politics? Shouldn’t he be sending his money to the MN democrat party? I’ve read other bloggers reporting the Hudson newspaper also had incorrect information. Worry about your own state, stay out of our business…and this goes for all out of state people irrespective of party affiliation.

    Shelly Moore could have publicly told “We Are wisconsin” that while she has no control over their money or advertising, they should stay out of District 10 business, Sheila Harsdorf could have said the same thing to conservative groups. NO district 10 person is currently represented, and i’ll bet when the GAB does the final money tally the unions will have spent more money than the conservative groups.

    Obama: civility
    Biden: tea partiers are terrorists
    union protesters have to disrupt Tea Party gathering in Hudson. NO respect, NO manners.
    that’s disgusting!

    • Greybeard says:

      Maybe Former Dem should take another run at trying to understand the article on John Kelly. Kelly is telling us that a serious crime may have been committed by Wisconsin Right to Life. If voter suppression has occurred then WRTL should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Alice Riley says:

    Anyone that thinks this kind of deception is acceptable is wrong. It’s totally unamerican! I hope that these cheap unethical tactics are what sways Tuesdays voters in favor of the Democrats! The Koch brothers and Karl Rove are what’s wrong with this country.

  4. wizconie says:

    Alice, you think Rove or the Koch brothers shouldn’t be involved in our elections but any person or union from out of state who supports dems is great. John Kelly is from MN and in my opinion shouldn’t be trying to influence an election in WI. But since he’s allowed to do so then others must be allowed to do so too. Can’t wait till this is all over. What a waste of time and money.

  5. JDS says:

    If this charge against WRTL is true, and I expect it is, we can only conclude that this right-wing religious group was trying to steal the election from the Democratic candidate, Shelly Moore.

    Folks, this episode should be a red flag for anyone who might still be wondering about the importance of this recall election. The Republicans are terrified of losing and are pulling out all the stops. If we Democrats can win back just three of the nine seats up for grabs on Tuesday it will end Scott Walker’s dreams of empire and put an end to the cruel economic nightmare he has set in motion.

    Please help us elect the remarkably competent and sincere young challenger, Shelly Moore.

    If you haven’t seen her up close you owe yourself to check out the three debates with Sen. Harsdorf, available at Hudsonpatch.com.

  6. former dem says:

    Just to show the liberal left is also engaging in questionable activity:


    “Fair Wisconsin’s push earlier this year was: “Whether you’re at your parent’s house, your trip abroad, working 24/7 or actually NAKED, you too can participate in these historic elections…. A Students for Fair Wisconsin organizer will come to your door within a few days with a completed absentee ballot request form for you to sign. We’ll even deliver your form right to your City Clerk’s office.”

    “A cross check of the Minnesota voters list with absentee ballot requests from three western Wisconsin campuses found eight voters who requested to vote absentee in the upcoming Wisconsin recalls who are currently registered to vote as Minnesota residents.”

    Both sides are guilty of disgusting behavior. Integrity is calling a wrong a wrong, not pointing a finger at the other guy while ignoring what is going on in your house.

    • Greybeard says:

      I can’t comment on the accuracy or context of your quotes but I will remind you that the Republicans have tried to suppress the vote of college kids, and if the eight kids you mention are full time students in Wisconsin then that’s where they would ordinarily vote, not at their parent’s address in Minnesota. This kind of confusion is precisely what the GOP hopes for; the integrity problem is not with the students, it’s with the Republicans like Senator Sheila Harsdorf who benefit greatly from the new voter ID law. Former Dem, if you honestly care about integrity in government you will vote for Shelly Moore on Aug 9.

  7. Eric says:

    This is a quote attributed to Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips in the Hudson Patch from the Hudson rally: “Responding specifically to shouts of “Go home,” by several protesters off stage, Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, responded to the audience: “These people probably come from a trailer park because they don’t have real jobs,” he said. “Why don’t you go home?” I don’t think I need to look any further to what the real genesis of this group is all about. Sad really.

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