Meeting TONIGHT May affect Potential Frac Sand Mine in Glenwood City, WI

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Tonight, February 25th, at 6:30, at the Glenwood City Community Center, there will be a special meeting regarding possible annexation of land on which a frac sand mine has been proposed into the city limits of Glenwood City, WI. The Community Center is located at 217 W. Oak Street in Glenwood City.

If approved, this annexation may affect the “Vista Mine” frac sand mining proposal.

If the city council approves the land annexation, oversight of the “Vista Mine” frac sand mining proposal may be transferred from St. Croix County to Glenwood City. The St. Croix County Nonmetallic Mining Ordinance (SCC NMO) does not apply to a site within a municipality which has a nonmetallic mining ordinance that complies with Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter NR 135.

Below is a timeline of the “Vista Mine” frac sand mining proposal:

  • Summer 2012: Texas company Vista LLC submitted an application to St. Croix County for a Special Exemption to permit a frac sand mine on land near the public school in Glenwood City, WI; Read HERE for a local’s perspective
  • After review, St. Croix County staff advised Vista LLC that the proposed mine site of 60 acres exceeded the maximum site size of 20 acres allowed to be permitted under St. Croix County’s Nonmetallic Mining Ordinance, and advised Vista LLC that the staff report to the St. Croix County Board of Adjustment would recommend denial of the Special Exemption unless the proposed size of the active frac sand mine site was reduced to 20 acres or less as required by the SCC NMO.
  • Vista LLC withdrew its application for a Special Exemption for frac sand mining prior to consideration by the St. Croix County Board of Adjustment.
  • January 7, 2013: Vista LLC resubmitted an application for the “Vista Mine” to St. Croix County.
  • January 29, 2013: St. Croix County staff determined the “Vista Mine” application to be “incomplete”.  Read our previous interview for an explanation of the St. Croix County review process for frac sand mining.
  • TODAY, February 25, 2013: the City Council of Glenwood City will hold a special meeting to discuss possible annexation of the proposed “Vista Mine” site into Glenwood City.  In a phone interview today, the City Clerk of Glenwood City stated the single-item agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting is “the discussion of possible annexation of property into the city corporate limits.”

Want more information? Go to Glenwood City’s website. Glenwood City council members are: John Larson-Mayor, Dave Graese, Steve Lee, Terry Klinger, Nancy Hover, Scott Schone, and Crystal Booth. The City Clerk may be reached at 715-265-4227 and


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